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Traveler Information



West Virginia University has joined forces with International SOS to offer our students, faculty and staff unique medical, safety and security expertise and help when traveling or living abroad.


To contact International SOS, please call their 24-hour line listed below and give the WVU membership number. Note that this is a US number, but regional numbers are also available on the ID Card (see right).

Phone: +1 215 942 8478

Membership #: 11BCAS589741


When you are away from home and in unfamiliar surroundings, there are some events that you can’t predict. You may become ill, lose your passport, run out of medication or simply need advice. By registering with Global Affairs, you receive extended security assistance 24/7 no matter where you live or travel internationally on West Virginia University’s behalf.

International SOS does everything possible to keep members healthy, safe and secure in any situation. They live up to their motto of Worldwide Reach Human Touch by giving members access to:

  • A worldwide network of 27 assistance centers staffed by doctors, nurses, coordinators and security professionals; more than 45 clinics and a fleet of air ambulances;
  • Real-time health and logistics professionals, including 1,200 full-time physicians and 200 security professionals, with local expertise, preventative advice and emergency assistance that have access to more than 79,000+ global assistance network approved, vetted providers;
  • Members-only website with additional tools and resources.
  • Family members traveling with you can obtain the same coverage (see link on right)


Students taking part in recognized WVU study abroad and organized programs will automatically be enrolled by WVU as part of their program registration. Faculty and staff need to complete the appropriate travel registration (see links to the right).


Contact International SOS anytime, anywhere when you venture out of the country on a West Virginia University sponsored trip. No issue is too small. Consider them your reliable, virtual advisor for both critical and routine questions if you need:

  • Advice before your trip;
  • A referral for a local doctor, dentist or other care;
  • Routine or urgent medical care, including an evacuation;
  • Safety or security advice from a trained professional.

When in doubt, call International SOS for compassionate, reassuring support.

If a WVU employee is outside the continental US and needs to access a system or computer that’s behind VPN the employee needs to request a Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) account. Consider AVD as the replacement for Citrix. It can take a few days to a week, maybe more maybe less, to setup an AVD account. It’s important that a traveler notify ITS and its college IT support early in the travel process so that the AVD account can be setup and system access tested.