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Our Mission


The Office of Global Affairs' mission is to establish a Global University. Through comprehensive and strategic internationalization, we strive to prepare globally-minded graduates who are prepared to excel as part of an increasingly global workforce.

A Global University is one in which international experiences and perspectives are fully integrated into the institution's teaching and learning, research, and discovery, and outreach and engagement mission. - Dr. William Brustein, Vice President for Global Strategies and International Affairs


Through our eight goals we hope to achieve this mission:

  1. Increase the international experience for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students.
  2. Increase the percentage of international students and faculty and facilitate their integration into the campus community.
  3. Increase international engagements and collaboration for faculty.
  4. Promote scholarship on major global issues.
  5. Create and expand robust international partnerships.
  6. Recognize international accomplishments in P&T processes.
  7. Develop an international physical presence.
  8. Promote collaboration with and support from WVU's international alumni, globally-oriented West Virginia business, and the local community.


  • Value proposition
  • Comprehensive
  • Strategic
  • Alignment
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Partnership