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Global Mountaineers Certificate Program


The Global Mountaineers certificate program prepares graduates for a modern, globalized workforce. The program helps to develop cross-cultural competencies and teaches students to articulate the value of their experience as it contributes to their future plans – in either the workforce or graduate education.

By focusing on language proficiency, global experience, global issues and intercultural intelligence, students gain valuable skills that can be used throughout their professional and academic careers.

Certificate  Components 

1. Global Competency Course Requirements

GLO 101 - Introduction to Global Competence (1 credit) introduces central concepts of global awareness, intercultural communication, and global issues. The course prepares students for experiences in education, work or service abroad, as well as for successful integration into the global community.

GLO 486 - Global Competency Summative Experience (1 credit) helps students demonstrate the cultural experiences they've gained through their Global Mountaineer learning endeavors through project-based presentations. 

2. Language Component

Students must complete six (6) hours of world language study in a language other than English or the student's native language. This can be done at WVU, at an institution abroad, or via AP credit.

Language Learning is an essential part of working in a global environment. Exposure to world languages has a great impact on employability and helps create both understanding and opportunities.

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3. Core Course Component

Students must choose six (6) hours from an approved list of over 100 courses. Many of these courses can be used to fulfill GEF requirements for graduation and focus on regional studies, cultural perspectives, and global issues.

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4. Education Abroad / Internship Component

An education abroad experience is a vital requirement of Global Mountaineers. Almost all forms of studying abroad can fulfill this requirement, including spring break experiences, internships, and semester exchange programs. Virtual global internships and virtual exchange programs are also great ways to fulfill this component!

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