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Host Families & Agencies

Host Families:

During their stay in Morgantown, participants are scheduled to live in three different host families. This allows them to experience various facets of American Culture, while community members provide them with a living space and two meals a day. Each home offers a uniqueness that adds to increased value and appreciation of the U.S. way of life.

Being a CIP Host Family provides a valuable exchange of cultural knowledge. Our participants teach us about their culture, just as much as we may teach them about American culture.

It is important to remember that these professionals are adults, however they are also susceptible to homesickness. Our Host Family network is able to provide the stability that our participants need to be success in the form of:

A private sleeping room for the participant to relax and study.

Breakfast and Dinner on most days.

Orientation to the hosting household, including explanations for items such as showers, appliances, and any alarm systems. This can include any chores that are expected.

Opportunities and Invitations, to join in your choice of family experiences and outings.

Support, through a CIP liaison assigned to each family.

Transportation might be something that participants require assistance with. They will have WVU ID cards which gives them access to the Bus line and the PRT.

                                                      HOST FAMILY BROCHURE

                                                      HOST FAMILY HANDBOOK

Disclaimer: WVU does not participate in the Host Family process. WV CIP is fully responsible for selecting and securing all of the homestays that will be used for the duration of the WV CIP program. All arrangements made by the WV CIP Community Board will provide CIP participants with Host Families in the Morgantown community.


WV CIP in collaboration with the Office of Global Affairs at West Virginia University, plan agency work placements for international adult professionals. CIP participants work in Morgantown from mid-August to mid-November.

Building bridges among cultures has been the heart of the WV CIP program since our inception. We strive to foster a better of understanding of each other, our professions, and our communities.

To help promote our mission, WV CIP has developed a fourteen-week professional development program.

Participants will be placed at a training site (or sites) related to their field of interest for 32 hours a week. Here they will learn about the U.S. aspect of their profession through observation, discussion and some hands-on activities.

The Agency and the Agency Supervisor are one of the most important components to our program. WV CIP will be responsible for assigning a liaison from the Board of Directors to make periodic informal contact with the agency and the participant to ensure that the placement is successful.

If you would like to assist WVCIP in making a positive professional impact, both locally and globally, then please reach out to WVCIP at