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Bios and Agencies

Although COVID-19 restrictions proved to be a complicated roadblock to our program for almost 2 years, West Virginia Council of International Programs was able to welcome one participant for the 2021 Fall semester. Our participant also had his own hardships, however through perseverance and hard work, he was able to make his way to Morgantown. Let’s welcome, Johnson Ademola Idowu from Nigeria!

Occupation: Lecturer of Lagos State University Sandwich Program
Placement: Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Johnson Idowu arrived in Morgantown on Saturday, August 14th, and was immediately picked up by our President, Paula Martinelli. She took him to get his vaccination, and after two weeks of quarantine we were able to place him with his host family, and he was able to start his placement. While applying for the WVCIP program, Johnson stated that he was interested in learning more about plant breeding, gene mapping, Molecular genetics studies and Cytogenetics study of endangered species to name a few. He also stated that he wanted to share his expertise in poultry farming and vegetable farming with his colleagues. It only seemed right to place him with Vagner Benedito, WVU Associate Professor of Biochemical Genetics. 

Prof. Benedito researches how genes contribute to develop traits of agronomical importance by using biological models. He runs the Laboratory of Plant Functional Genetics. Johnson has fit right in and has been enjoying his time at his placement with his co-workers. His host family, Andy Cockburn and Anne Cronin, have been wonderful. They have showed Johnson all of the gorgeous sites of Morgantown, including the rail trail.