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Prospective CIP Participant Info

Program Components

Since 1970, the West Virginia Council of International Programs (CIP) has coordinated a unique exchange program for professionals in the human services from around the world. West Virginia CIP, in collaboration with West Virginia University, provides an exchange experience that enhances professional skills, improves cross-cultural communications, and provides insights into American life and society.

Our exchange program is four months in duration, beginning in mid-August and concluding in late November. Evaluations are conducted halfway through the program and upon departure.

The program blends six components into the four-month placement for each international professional.

To request an application, please email

Agency Placement & Professional Internship

Participants engage in a professional practicum at designated agencies or academic departments for training and work related experiences in the following areas: education, health care and administration, mental health, social work, physical therapy, industrial and labor management, engineering, public administration, human resources, community and economic development, transportation and urban planning, environmental protection, law, agriculture, business, and communications.

CIP believes that mid-career professionals learn best by doing, especially across culture and language barriers. Performing real tasks with new colleagues in their work environment creates insight and mastery of problem solving skills. Interns may work along with American counterparts, carry out special assignments, handle a representative set of cases, and/or design a project for transfer and utilization back home. CIP promotes and supports long-term, substantive linkages between its alumni and host agencies.

Academic Courses & Seminars

Opportunities exist to enhance practical learning by auditing one or two university courses related to practicum assignment and professional occupation.

Immersion in American Society & Culture

Each CIP Professional lives with three or four American families during his or her stay in West Virginia. Host-family living provides individuals unique insights into American society and culture. It also personalizes the experience and builds lifelong friendships.

Retreat & Orientation

Upon arrival, participants begin the first part of our orientation program with a three-day retreat. This is a time for recreation, cooking, eating, talking, and learning about the CIP program and about each other. The second half of the orientation program consists of a ten-day seminar planned around these general topics:

1. US educational system

2. US health system, special services, and social work

3. US legal and economic systems

4. Morgantown, WV and vicinity—community, environment,

and culture

International Presentations

Participants provide international educational presentations on human service themes determined during the program to the Morgantown and West Virginia University communities.

Weekly Meetings with Participants

The CIP Professionals come together weekly to discuss their own countries and other topics of general interest. Depending on financial ability, they may also travel together to points of interest in West Virginia, bordering states, and to Canada.

The Application Process

1.) Documents needed for the application process include two (2) letters of recommendation, one (1) resume, and one (1) color passport photo copy.

2.) Minimum Funding Requirements

 To issue a DS-2019, WVU is required to collect documentation demonstrating that the scholar has adequate financial resources for the entire duration of their stay.

Financial Documentation Requirements

• Documents should be in English or have an accompanying translation

• Bank statements must be official and dated

• All accounts/assets must be liquid and dated within the last six (6) months

• Any letter of sponsorship must specify both the amount and duration of support 


Minimum Funding           Per Month          One Semester Total Cost

Scholar (J-1)                       $1,700                   $6,800

Please note: The above estimates are conservative. Exchange Visitors should factor in individual financial requirements when making plans to come to WVU.

Insurance Requirements

U.S. federal regulations [22 CFR 62.14] require all exchange visitors and their dependents to carry certain insurance minimums for the duration of their stay. The plans purchased must meet or exceed the below requirements.  


Benefit                                                 Minimum coverage

Medical Benefits                                      $100,000

**Repatriation of remains                          $25,000

**Medical Evacuation                                $50,000

Deductible per accident or illness             $500

**Please note: Most U.S. insurance policies do not cover repatriation of remains or medical evacuation. These may need to be added on as an additional coverage.

For more information please visit:

3.) ONLY WVCIP participants will be provided with a DS2019. Children/spouses/families will not be provided with the means to come with their participant on this program.


Participants must have a minimum of a bachelor of arts or sciences degree or equivalent work experience. Graduate degrees are desirable but not required.

English Proficiency

If your placement involves teaching of any kind 
IELTS = 6.5

If you are unable to provide a TOEFL IBT or IELTS score you will be interviewed by the coordinator via Skype to assess your English proficiency.

Professional Experience
Participants must have at least two years of practical experience in any of the following fields:

• AIDS prevention and care
• Care for elderly, child and family services, city management,
child development
• Dentistry
• Environmental protection, engineering, educational
• Health care administration, housing/community development,
human resource management
• Law and court services
• Journalism and the media
• Mental health/mental retardation, medicine
• Non-profit management, nursing education
• Public administration, primary,secondary and higher
education, pharmacy
• Substance abuse and dependency, special education, social
• Transportation and urban planning
• Youth services

Any other area of expertise may be submitted for evaluation and consideration.

Applicants must submit completed application form with clear description of the kind of work experience desired. Two letters of recommendation must be submitted before the application will be considered. Letters should be written by employers, supervisors, and professors who are familiar with the applicant’s work.

If you wish to apply, please send an email to