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WVU Morgantown’s new, phased return to campus delays the start of classes to August 26. Visit the Return to Campus website for the latest.

Alumni of CIP

                         Fall 2019 Participants


Name: Nicole Ibler
Home Country: Germany
Occupation: Teacher
Work Placement: WVU School of Nursery
“I saw this and thought ‘that’s the right program for me’, because the United States is very interesting, and it has good teachers. I am really excited that I’m here and I’m looking forward to the rest of my program.”                                                     

Name: Estefania Lopez 
Home Country: Mexico
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Work Placement: WVU LaunchLab
“I want my business to be more automatized. It’s working in an old way now, like ‘send me your email, send me your order’. I want to make it more efficient, maybe an app to make it easier for my clients. I’d like to develop more of my business while I’m here.”

Name: Omowunmi Olabode
Home Country: Nigeria
Occupation: Psychiatric nurse
Work Placement: WVU School of Medicine
“I joined because I still need to learn, to improve my professional skills, to see how other cultures view mental health, to learn their perspectives, and to then go back home to be a culturally competent nurse.”

Name: Luisa Gabriela Espinoza Rosales
Home Country: Bolivia
Occupation: Industrial Engineer
Work Placement: WVU School of Engineering
“I have communication difficulties with suppliers, such as emails taking me a long time to write if they’re not in Spanish. My main objective through this program is to improve my professional English.”

Name: Rafael Vial
Home Country: Brazil
Occupation: Architect
Work Placement: Morgantown City Planning Board
“We have the bachelor’s degree in Brazil for architect and urban planning, but it’s really difficult to find a field close to urban planning, and that’s a field I love to work in. I want to get enough experience here around transportation and planning to get back to Brazil and do my master’s thesis.”

Name: Sina Vogt
Home Country: Germany
Occupation: Social worker
Work Placement: Morgantown Area Youth Services Project
“I want to learn about how other cultures are dealing with the same things we are at home because we have a totally different social system in Germany than the United States.”

Name: Frederike Weidemann
Home Country: Germany
Occupation: School social worker
Work Placement: Human Resource Development Foundation
“I hope that I can get new ideas here for my job in Germany so I can enjoy my job in a different way; with new impressions and more confidence in working with international pupils.”