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Alumni of CIP

                         Fall 2019 Participants


Name: Nicole Ibler
Home Country: Germany
Occupation: Teacher
Work Placement: WVU School of Nursery
“I saw this and thought ‘that’s the right program for me’, because the United States is very interesting, and it has good teachers. I am really excited that I’m here and I’m looking forward to the rest of my program.”                                                     

Name: Estefania Lopez 
Home Country: Mexico
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Work Placement: WVU LaunchLab
“I want my business to be more automatized. It’s working in an old way now, like ‘send me your email, send me your order’. I want to make it more efficient, maybe an app to make it easier for my clients. I’d like to develop more of my business while I’m here.”

Name: Omowunmi Olabode
Home Country: Nigeria
Occupation: Psychiatric nurse
Work Placement: WVU School of Medicine
“I joined because I still need to learn, to improve my professional skills, to see how other cultures view mental health, to learn their perspectives, and to then go back home to be a culturally competent nurse.”

Name: Luisa Gabriela Espinoza Rosales
Home Country: Bolivia
Occupation: Industrial Engineer
Work Placement: WVU School of Engineering
“I have communication difficulties with suppliers, such as emails taking me a long time to write if they’re not in Spanish. My main objective through this program is to improve my professional English.”

Name: Rafael Vial
Home Country: Brazil
Occupation: Architect
Work Placement: Morgantown City Planning Board
“We have the bachelor’s degree in Brazil for architect and urban planning, but it’s really difficult to find a field close to urban planning, and that’s a field I love to work in. I want to get enough experience here around transportation and planning to get back to Brazil and do my master’s thesis.”

Name: Sina Vogt
Home Country: Germany
Occupation: Social worker
Work Placement: Morgantown Area Youth Services Project
“I want to learn about how other cultures are dealing with the same things we are at home because we have a totally different social system in Germany than the United States.”

Name: Frederike Weidemann
Home Country: Germany
Occupation: School social worker
Work Placement: Human Resource Development Foundation
“I hope that I can get new ideas here for my job in Germany so I can enjoy my job in a different way; with new impressions and more confidence in working with international pupils.”